Direct Cremations
Direct Cremations Manchester Offer Affordable And Dignified Direct Cremation Services In Manchester.

What happens at an Attended Direct Funeral carried out by us?

Attended direct funerals through us are subject to our standard high levels of care, all deceased are brought into our care and provided with a basic level of hygienic treatment, a suitable coffin and dressed in a gown. You do not visit the person who has died at our funeral home. You do not choose the day and time of the cremation. There is no hearse, no procession, however up to 20 mourners can attend the crematorium chapel for 20 minutes to listen to their chosen music and say their goodbyes. This takes place without ceremony and without anyone else in attendance except the crematorium staff.

Ashes can be scattered at the crematorium or returned to us for your collection within a week of the funeral taking place.

No other services can be added to the Direct Cremation.

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Attended Funeral Charges

Total cost of the direct cremation funeral £1959.00*
*Additional charge applies for transfer of the deceased outside office hours
*Additional charge applies for Private Ambulance exceeding first 20 miles
*Additional charge applies to Coffins over 6ft x 20″
Payment in full required prior to the funeral taking place