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About Bridgewater Funeral Service

Independently owned and run by us for you, Bridgewater Funeral Service is wholly owned and run by a local family with both historic and current ties to the surrounding area.

Bridgewater funeral service is a local Independent Funeral Director providing help with your Funeral Plans in Boothstown, Walkden, Worsley, Astley and surrounding areas.

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Emma Turnbull’s dedication to serving her local community as a Funeral Director for over 20 years is truly commendable and inspiring. Her decision to leave a well-established company to open her own family run funeral service, Bridgewater Funeral Service, demonstrates her commitment to providing personalised care and attention to local families during challenging times. The effort she has put into renovating the premises and creating a comforting environment for clients speaks volumes about her genuine compassion and professionalism. Emma’s track record of honesty, integrity, and exceptional service is a testament to her unwavering dedication to supporting families in their time of need.